Thursday, July 28, 2011

My first thought for the Blog

Whenever I sit down to write something, quite creatively, a lot of things rush in my mind. I keep wondering 'what to write on?' I look for a good reason to write though. Not backbiting someone or belittling something that didn't work on me. I want to write because I want to know if I can write actually. But again, whatever you write doesn't say anything precise about you. People might take it for beating around the bush. Ok i'll stop beating around the bush and write something serious.

I tell people I meet that I do "business". The word changes their attitude instantly. Some take time to examine my whole person to digest the word. Most of them say, "so you're a Malik now, eh?" Some inquisitively ask what kind of business I do and what it takes to get into such thing. Malik! Well, that's the term too lavish to be comforted with. But "what it takes to get into such thing?" makes you little nervous to answer. So I say, "courage". But again there's a danger to use this single word answer. As if to say the other person is not courageous. So I reframe my answer to say, "business is all about taking risks."

Anyways, I took the risk.

Now, it's been like more than a year doing business. Before that I was a young and aspiring man wanting to do business. I got this thought when I was doing my post-graduation. The academics really taught me something new and inspirational. I studied Communication Arts. Technically, it's called "applied communication". The word "applied" gives you the professional freedom and ability to apply the art of communication in any field.

Okay, yeah, back to business. Only after a year of doing business I realized that ground realities are little tougher than I thought. Practically, there's no ample market opportunities in Bhutan to start a business. That's based on business analysis of the market. Culturally, doing business in Bhutan is also about knowing people and accepting the norms. No matter if you're a student of Oxford or Cambridge, you're nobody if you don't know somebody. That said, I stood by my principle--taking risks.