Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What went wrong with Party Presidents' Debate?

The nation saw the first glimpse of party presidents’ debate last night telecast LIVE. Although the party presence on the stage offered good choice for 2013, yet the credibility of parties was a grim show.

It was a diplomatic debate after all. New parties trying to offer stronger stance on prevailing issues and the old parties trying to stay put against them.

But what did not come as expected was party presidents’ emphasis on their party ideology. All of them simply mumbled on issues. Some offered statistics. Some were overly ambiguous on pressing the incumbent government and the opposition. The incumbents, however, put a diplomatic bout on stage of their differences in the last five years.

Diplomatic jest offered some respite for audience. The audience in the front rows was mostly staunch members of the parties. Some even expressed the gesture of ‘if I were on the stage I could have hit back nicely’.

At homes, people watched passionately. Some were enthralled by the male presidents while others sympathized with the females.

Language offered competitive edge for presidents. People intending to participate in politics in future must start revisiting the national language. At least for the sake of making good impression on voters!

So, what was missing in Party Presidents’ Debate last night? Focus on ideology! Everybody spoke randomly on issues without any focus.

Now, what’s the way forward? Capitalize on the second debate. Emphasize party ideology while addressing the issues globally, nationally, and locally.